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Porto ConVida, O Patinho Azul
It's a small clothing and accessories store for babies and kids, with national production and with a lot of love involved in the making. The result? Unique and lovely pieces that never go out of fashion.
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The store-atelier O Patinho Azul was founded in 1990 and it's motto is "the tenderness of dressing the little ones". It's a very cozy and nicely decorated space located right downtown. "O Patinho Azul" designs and produces a wide range of clothing fitted for children from ages 0 to 12. With it's own design and national production, the items are made with love and artisanally, something that stands out in all the little clothes and shoes, characterised by their classic timeless style, adapted to nowadays. With that love and inspiration in children's magic, O Patinho Azul offers unique fabrics and yarns to personalise special moments, baptisms and communions.
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Jornal T, the heritage of Grandma Alda
Founded in 1990, in Maia, Patinho Azul sailed in 2013 to Porto's city centre, ready to bring to the invictus city little handmade kids clothes. A little treat that sticks out among the massified offer and that unravels as perfect for all the special moments in the lives of the little ones. Paula Mendes, the founder of the store O Patinho Azul, first job was pattern making. She was 9, and right after getting her school homework done, mother, Alda Gonçalves, a high-fashion tailor that at the time was dressing Porto's most important women, was including her daughter in the making patterns for her clients. The payment? "Some cool jeans or any other clothing piece from the coolest stores at the moment."
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Timeout Porto, the best clothing stores in Porto for children clothing
With it's own design and nation production, the pices of the store-atelier O Patinho Azul, at Rua Sá da Bandeira, are handmade. Classic, but adapted to the demands of nowadays, from dresses and rompers for newborns, coats and shorts for babies, checked shirts, beanies and knitted jackets for children, shoes for all (tender) ages, and even clothing for special occasions, like baptisms and birthdays.
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Porto by Livraria Lello, shopping in Porto's stores
With it's own design and national production, O Patinho Azul is a store with handmade pieces and shoes for all tender ages.
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Pieces of us, a weekend at O Patinho Azul
I have talked to you about how I've been at O Patinho Azul during the weekend and how much i like that store! It's indeed a space where I much enjoy to go and where I allways find that lovely piece for Carlota to wear in a more special day or even on her day-to-day.
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